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It is my number one priority to help you reach your goals and elevate your business to greater heights.




50minutes / session

Life Coach

  • We have a golden recipe that keeps your career, family and social life under control. There is pleasure and satisfaction with being on-top of your game for such personal needs.

  • To develop self-confidence, gain insight into successful life choices, tap into motivation and inspiration, and create change and growth... these are the keys to success.

  • You will learn to create a personal strategy for recognizing opportunities based on a thorough intake interview, clear and strong communication, numerous coaching strategies, and personalised support. As a result, you can ensure that your clients receive the greatest service possible.

Business Success Coach

  • Success does not come by itself, as many great entrepreneurs will confirm. It requires a strong dose of self-confidence and perseverance, a well thought-out strategy and one hundred percent commitment. A Business Success Coach makes every entrepreneur or employee grow into successful business people and maps out a personal plan for each of them.

Budget Coach

  • As your budget coach I will teach you:
    How to draft a correct budget - for both families and companies - how to make a correct estimation of your income, how much you expect to spend, ...

    I work in a very specific and customer-oriented way and teach you important techniques such as the analysis of expenses and budget management.

NLP - Coach

  • NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming is a methodology for communication, coaching and self-development.

    As your NLP-Coach I will introduce a series of techniques that will allow you to better understand yourself and others. Learn how sub-modalities influence your experiences and determine the intensity of your perception through association or dissociation.

Mental Coach

  • As a Mental Coach For Athletes I have the best coaching and motivation techniques , I teach effective mental skills to athletes to improve performance and consistency in their sports. I boost the self-confidence of my clients and know how athletes can best deal with emotions and setbacks. My aim is to help athletes overcome negative mindsets and beliefs and use mental toughness training skills and peak performance strategies to perform well.

Therapeutic Consultant

  • Human behaviour is intriguing.  As a therapeutic consultant, I have an understanding of the physical, mental and social development of human beings.

    I study the relationship between the brain and people's behaviour. I know the underlying causes and understand intentions . I know how personality, motivation and emotions come about. Thanks to this expertise I am able to personally support, guide and advise others.

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