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"Don't let life change your goals, because achieving your goals can change your life"

Queenie Kessie

I am a passion driven managing and business consultant, with over 7 years of learned and lived experience in the fields of media, business, and marketing. My passion and zeal for excellence is palpable with a verifiable track record.
With the aforementioned my assembled team and I are well versed in putting you and your business on the highest pedestal in the disciplines of branding, life coaching, mental wellness, social media amongst others.

As a business coach, I work with aspiring influencers, brands, and businesses to help them create, expand, and monetise their online presence by raising brand recognition and growing their business through social media.

I provide expert content production services that will effectively fulfill the essential demands of your failed company.

Your social media and website will be well-designed with unique and necessary needs to reach and attract your target audience, allowing you to grow your business.

From website building to branding, creating logos, scouting models & influencers, organizing photo shoots, social media management, videography, coaching, and "Instagram Makeover" by giving your Instagram a professional look by creating an aesthetic feed, I offer everything (aspiring) influencers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and companies require.


My number one priority is to assist you in achieving your objectives and taking your company to new heights.

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Educational Background



Success does not come by itself, as many great entrepreneurs will confirm. It requires a strong dose of self-confidence and perseverance, a well thought-out strategy and one hundred percent commitment.

A Business Success Coach helps each entrepreneur or employee become a successful businessperson by creating a personalized strategy for them.



As your budget coach:

We will assist you in drafting accurate budgets – for both your family and companies.

We will assist on correct estimations of income and advise on expenditure.



EMAS Agency Is casting models. Send us an e-mail for more information.

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